October 24, 2008

Kid's say the most "perfect" thing !!

(This conversation took place while I was walking (in line) with Ms Dina’s KG class)

Student 1(girl): How do you know us?
Me: Well I work here and I asked for the "BESTEST" KG class and everyone told me it was you guys. So I came to meet you all.
Student 2(boy): so you are a teacher?
Me: Yes !
Student 2: but you can’t be a teacher.
Me: why not???
Student 2: Because… you are SLIM!!
Me: (in my mind) I LOVE YOU!

October 21, 2008

Kids say the darnest thing !!

I just got back from a pre K class.

Each time I go to that class I come back smiling

This is the conversation between the student and the teacher (during playtime)

Student L: “xkoos me… xkoos me ... xkoos me Miss T”

Teacher: “Yes L, what is it ?”

Student L: “can I please put this hat on”

(Gives the teacher a Knights Helmet)

Teacher: “sure you can. Wow... how smart…. Look …. You are a Knight”

(Student looks funnily at the teacher ….thinks…..)

Student L: “No, Miss T, My name is L “(point's to himself)

(point's to the window)" and its day ... not night “

and proceeds to walk off.

No prizes for guessing who the teacher is !!!

Carry on luggage :)

In case I haven’t already told you … I AM GOING HOME!! Yay!!

10 days of home food and TV and sleep. “Nice “I hear you say…. I agree!!

Once the decision was made to go back home, I began getting items to add to my list to take back. These items DONOT come all together but in e-mails strewn over the past 2 months. Which, I should say, is fine by me?

So this got me thinking of the various times we have gone back home and of the weird (according to the kids and husband) stuff we had to carry back.

We carried back chairs. Yes! You heard me right CHAIRS. These were chairs from Gujarat! These are chairs we CANNOT sit on. If you lean against it, they break and it’s too small for an adult to even contemplate sitting on it. As we were passing through the security check, the policeman there couldn’t help but ask me … “Don’t you have chairs in Muscat?”Answer:”sheepish grin”

We carried back a cradle. This apparently was the cradle Amma slept in. She had it cleaned, painted and polished. Not because there was going to be an addition to the family, but because in our house (according to Amma dearest) we lacked a cute table!! (REALLY???). With a glass slab on top, this “crable” (cradle + table; for the slow ones) sits in our living room.

We carried back a 2-3ft lamp (a.k.a”vellaku”) coz well the corridor lacked “something”
I am sure that we carried heaps more interesting stuff. I guess in the end it was definitely worth it coz we do have a lovely house with chairs we can’t sit in and lamps we don’t light!
I thought I better leave you with my current “take back to Muscat” list:
5 kgs Kerala Rice
2 kgs Idli Rice
½ kg Jangri
½ kg Ladoo
1 kg Muruku (it was ½ kg till Amma said “make it 1 so all in all you will have about 9 kgs worth of food to carry”)

And there is still 3 days remaining before I travel.

October 20, 2008


I believe that God answers all prayers… it’s just not the answer WE want.
I know that there is a God up there who looks after me.
I have learnt that there is only 1 God.
I am learning that prayer is a skill that needs to be learnt.
I believe that there is a plan laid out for me. I just might not be seeing it.
I know that it is possible to be in a crowd and still lonely.
I have learnt that it is possible to miss someone I haven’t even met.
I am learning to be patient and wait.
I believe that sooner or later I will master the art of cooking the perfect steak.
I know that I get upset if my students don’t work well.
I have learnt that just 1 hug from my students has me feeling like a million bucks.
I am learning that I need to be a good example.
I believe that people still judge a book by its cover.
I know that I can’t sing despite the desperate hope that I can.
I have learnt that I am a good listener.
I am learning to be a better listener.
I believe that people think I am weak because I cry easily.
I know that I will cry the next time I see Bambi.
I have learnt that there are some who can STILL reduce me to tears.
I am learning that I have so much more to learn.

No Scarifice

This song has in the recent times become my favourite. I seem to be humming it ever so often even caught myself singing it yesterday (if you can call it singing).
It’s an amazing song by Jason Upton and well it says it all. For me this is what I need to do. Not give parts to Him, but give ALL.

No Sacrifice
To you I give my life, not just the parts I want to
To you I sacrifice these dreams that I hold on to
Your thoughts are higher than mine
Your words are deeper than mine
Your love is stronger than mine
This is no sacrifice
Here's my life
To you I give the gifts
Your love has given me
How can I hoard the treasures that you've designed for free?
Your thoughts are higher than mine
Your words are deeper than mine
Your love is stronger than mine
This is no sacrifice
Here's my life
To you I give my future
As long as it may last
To you I give my present
To you I give my past
Your thoughts are higher than mine
Your words are deeper than mine
Your love is stronger than mine
Your thoughts are higher than mine
Your words are deeper than mine
Your love is stronger than mine
This is no sacrifice
Here's my life

October 15, 2008


1. If your lover betrayed you, what would your reaction be?

I would feel that life as I know it has come to an end and think that I would never recover from it!

2. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?

God has already made few of my dreams possible and is working on the rest. The remaining would be to be blessed with a good family and a never doubting faith.

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?

Auto drivers and those that hurt kids. Oh! and those that bug me ( hint !! hint !! )

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

Hmm I would give 1 million to my folks n sister n brother. Splurge 1 million on a trip for the family. Buy. Build a nice house and INVEST the rest (YES !!! I am boring and I love boring things).

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?

Err not rite now coz my best friends' a girl. But YES I definitely look fwd to it.

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?

Loving someone. I know I am loved.

7. How long would you wait for someone you loved?

Long enough.

8. If the person you secretly like is attached, what will you do?

Migrate to a different hemisphere.

9. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?

Child Abuse.

10. What takes you down the fastest?

Hurtful comments.

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

At a family reunion about to head out for a trip with my whole family.

12. What’s your fear?


13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

Funny, extremely loving, caring, scatterbrained, talkative, ODC philic, super mom in the making.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?

Neither. Married & rich.

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Look for the band to tie my hair

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?

NEVER going to happen. Falling in love and maintaining with 1 is difficult enough.

17. Would you give all in a relationship?

sure I would.

18. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?

Forgive- not immediately but in time.
Forget- No! just so that I wont make the same mistake again

19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?

if you knew me, you would know.

20. List of 6 people to tag:

none… all that I would have tagged , have already been tagged !! (shaking fist wildly at scatterbrain !!! )

Thanks Scatterbrain :)

October 08, 2008

My Family- Part II

This is a continuation of my prev blog

A much talked about shopping trip my parents took. It had been pouring in Muscat and my parents decided that they needed to go shopping. They left my sister and me in the house telling us to “study “. Perfectly normal I hear you say, well, read on.
When they got back, they rang the doorbell but no response.
So my dad pounded on the door, still no response. Our folks began calling our names loudly, if you know our parents you know how loud they can get, no response. While all this was going on, they turned out the electricity thinking might have been a gas leak and for all you know we might be lying unconscious in the house. They went to our downstairs neighbor (we were living on the first floor) and called the house. No response. Appa then got a “ladder “from the neighbors’ house, put it against the wall and climbed up onto our balcony. Luckily the balcony door was left open.
Guess what my dad found when he walked in.
Both my sister and I were fast asleep, on the couches, in the living room, very much unaware of the panic we had just caused. And just so you know how “passed out “ we were, the door that they pounded on, was right next to the living room and the phone they had rung on, was between the two couches we were sleeping on.
All I can say is, “I am glad I lived to tell the tale!”

All of us, desperately, hoping that India would win, the cricket match it was playing that day, as Appa would take us out for dinner IF they won.

Amma, used to message every other day when I was working at Pondy. She would ask me to get online and when I used to tell her I was busy, she would ask me to let her know the time etc etc. Now adays, I have computer in front of me for most of the day. Till date, I am yet to receive a message asking me to get on chat !!

Playing dumb charades with my folks especially Appa. If ever you want to watch a game that will reduce you to tears (only because you are laughing so much) let me know. I shall invite you to our next family games night. Here’s a hint: ask him to mime “Coma”.

The trips we took as a family when we used to come down from Muscat for the summer holidays. Having family scattered all over Kerala meant 2 things. My dad would have to drive all over and it also meant endless hours in the back of a Maruti Van. Those who have had that experience can sympathize with me. As children both my sister and I decided that we would grow up, get our license and take our parents around with THEM in the back seat. We grew up, we got our license and Appa sold the van … Smart man !!

As kids, when we had guest, we would end up sleeping on our parents’ bedroom floor. One night we discovered that we had water guns and decided to squirt our folks with it while pretending to sleep. We THOUGHT it would surprise them and Appa/ Amma would ask “water? Where is this water coming from?” (Silly kids!!) What we didn’t consider was the excellent hearing power Amma possess. Before we knew it, we were bombarded by pillows from either side and had Appa and Amma standing over us and well…. Need I say more???

My Family - Part 1

While going through my blogs I realized that I haven’t written much about my family.

So here goes….. These are small instances which I will always remember (some maybe not that small!!)

My Amma’s standard answer to us asking “Why” (after she has said “No”) “because I said so”

My dad deciding at 10 at night that it will be a good night for an ice cream, so piling us into the car ,pajamas and all and driving to Baskin Robbins!

My dad driving us 100kms to see a Malayalam movie and returning at 1 am on a school night.

Us kids locking our folks out of the house and allowing them back in after having them sing a song and write their names in the air with their butts !! It will help you all to know that my Amma’s and Appa’s names’ consists of I, few O’s and few S’s. We also expected them to put a full stop after their name J

My brother (the pain that he is) when he was small was the cutest lil butter ball ever. And when you asked him something and he didn’t know he would respond by saying “I na na “(I don’t know!!)

My sister trying to sing the song of an advert when she was small. “Vicador washy washy.. e washy e wishy.. “ (Videocon washing machine… it washes it rinses ) & “washy washy nema, washy washy nema (washing powder nirma , washing powder nirma )- for someone who didn’t like to take baths it’s amazing the songs she chose !