October 26, 2009

IF I WERE TO .....

IF I were to write a blog to the car/bus/truck/rickshaw / cycle drivers of India I would say…

· There is a reason for the white lines on the road. It is not a decoration.

· When the traffic light turns red it doesn’t mean you increase your speed and play chicken with the other drivers.

· Honking the horn endlessly when the traffic light is red will not magically turn it green!!

· There is a cool new invention situated just behind your steering wheel… it’s on the left.... It’s called an indicator... USE IT!

· To the best of my knowledge none of us were born with horns attached to our hands, so it should not be something you repeatedly beep/ hoot/blare when you are stuck in a traffic jam.

· When there is a traffic jam the chances are that the car in front of you cannot move. Beeping/ blaring/ hooting your horn will not give the car in front of you wings nor you the ability to clear the jam.

· It really is ok if someone overtakes you. It does not in any way make you less of a human being.

· When you are turning left, it does not help if you are in the extreme right lane and then cut across traffic with 2 seconds to spare.

· In case you didn’t know, there is another headlight setting in your car. BRIGHT is not the ONLY option.

· For those kind souls who show others they are approaching by flickering between normal and bright when they are less than 5 feet away.. and…. STOP... I beg of you!! My eyes will be forever grateful.

But since I live in a perfect place where none of the above happens, I won’t even have to publish the post …