October 07, 2010

The miracle in Room 2602

(A conversation between a student whom I adore and me @ 8:30 in the morning)

Me: J , why are you not writing.

(All along he is sitting there staring right through me)

J: Oh! Ms Thomas… I have become blind.

Me: You have what?

J: Become blind. You know can’t see anything, can’t do anything.

Me: Oh ok. Well take 2 minutes and see if the blindness disappears.

J: Ok!  Sure.

(After 2 minutes, during which time he sat still and continues to look straight ahead!! I admire the commitment!! )

Me: Has the blindness gone?

J: No!!

Me: Ok well then come. I have heard about this blindness and immediate action has to be taken. Surgery is the ONLY option. I need to take you to the nurse and the hospital and we need to get in there and remove the problem. Only then would the blindness would disappear.

( I proceed to take him by the arm and walk towards the door)

J: Oh... wait… wait… give me a minute.

J: Oh wow....it’s a miracle!!

Me: What?

J: I can see!! It’s a miracle.

Me: Yes indeed it is… definitely a miracle