June 15, 2008

Life since July 2007

Been almost a year since I last wrote. A lot has happened in that time. So let me try and recap the major events.
I left Australia a place that’s been my foster home for the past 4 years. Tears were shed not because I would miss the place but for a few I left behind there who will forever hold a special place in my heat. It was a nice place and I definitely learnt a lot but it was time to move on. It was very clear to me that, that phase of my life was over.
I landed a few days before my sister’s wedding. And amongst all the chaos I actually turned 30. The wedding went off really well. There were a few tears and whole lot of smiles (I got pics to prove it!! ). Had to prance around in a sari and look all composed despite the heat and the fact that I was coming down with the flu. I loved every moment of it.
We went to the wedding as a family of 5 and came back as a family of 6. Got myself a brother in law (as if a brother wasn’t trouble enough!!). To add to the delight, the pain ( as I lovingly call him) has won over everyone in the family and I swear my father thinks the sun rises and sets with him. My mother thinks he is a “paavam” and reminds me constantly I shouldn’t bully him. Come on .. me .. and a bully ..NEVER ! As you can see my troubles are just beginning.
I then found myself in Pondicherry. I was working in a medical college at the department of ENT. Beautiful place Pondy, small and sometimes too small. I had enough work to keep me busy till March. After which the audiometer (instrument used to check hearing) broke down and it’s still being fixed. I took some getting used to being in a place like Pondy and esp. the college. I was suddenly the new thing and everyone seemed to care what I was doing, what I was wearing and the top most question on everyone’s mind was “ does she have a guy ??” …. Needless to say, answers to all of the above questions were not provided much to their disappointment. After being in a place where everyone left you alone to do your work, it was scary to suddenly be in a place where you every move was observed. Believe it or not there was actually a discussion on why I wore my duppatta over my left shoulder and NOT pinned over both shoulders like others did. Initially I was pissed off and irritated but with time I would actually be curious to see what the next topic of discussion was.
But I must admit being there in Pondy def let me get used to life in India at a slow pace and in my own time. I made some really nice friends in time and I soon got the hang of life there. I got to know people and grew to love them. Especially one who smiled the prettiest smile and no matter what the heartache or worry found time to be there and encourage. After seeing her I learnt that no matter what, you need to move on, strive forward and in time, in Gods time he will give you what is right for you. Thank you for that.
Soon after I was offered a job in Chennai. To work at the International American School here and be a full time speech pathologist. So after 5 months of working in Pondy, I found myself packing up and heading to Chennai. I landed here yesterday evening.
Well here I am, in a new place, starting fresh and desperately hoping that this will turn out fine. I really have no idea what tomorrow brings and what’s in store. And occasionally it scares the living daylights out of me. But at the same time I know it’s going be alright.
It’s a new phase, a new journey, a new story with new cast members with the hope that this phase, this story will have a happy ending.