March 19, 2010


When I first met her, she was 3 months old.

I had seen her before all wrapped up in a red bow and also heard her screaming like a banshee,

right then I knew that she would turn out to bea very interesting personality,

and thats exaclty what she has done.

with her strange yet wonderful sounds and fantastic attempts at imitating others,

this little girl has become a constant topic of discussion in our house

and won us over.


She turns ONE !!!


Happy Bday dearest baby gurl !!



March 15, 2010

School Madness

The other day, 2 of my students (P and L) and I were playing “Go- Fish”. We were playing Go-Fish with articulation cards (like most normal people do) that were for the /r/ blends (/br/, /tr/, /fr/, /gr/ etc)

After explaning the rule, we began playing. A few minutes into the game, While L and I were watching, P picks up the “grape “card and puts it into his pile.

Here is the conversation that followed.

L: ‘P, do you have grape.’

P (my really kind, truthful, wanting to win student): ‘NO’

Me: ‘P, you don’t have grape?’

P: ‘No, mis Thomas, I really don’t.’

Me: ‘P, are you sure you don’t have a card that has the picture of a grape? ‘

P: ‘Definitely not Ms. Thomas.’

Me: ‘But I definitely saw you pick up a card that had the picture of a fruit on it. Do you want to maybe double check for me and see what that card is?’

P: ‘Oh! Sure Ms. Thomas’ (and he proceeds to shuffle through the cards).

P:' Oh! Ms. Thomas, I do have a card but it’s that of a banana.'

(Please remember ... we were are playing GO-Fish with sound blend cards)

Me: 'Uhh… Hmm…. What card?'

P: 'Banana Ms. Thomas, Banana'

Me: 'Ok, P but you do realize that the word “Banana “does not have a blend right. Remember “blends” which we are working on.'

P: 'I KNOW …. Ms. Thomas, you are not listening right.. I said “brnana” NOT “banana”… see…”brnana” has a /br/.'

REALLY ???????????