January 12, 2009

Friends, Strangers & Countrymen…. Lend me your ears…..


An AUNT..Can you beat that … (actually maybe you can.. but I dont care !! )

My lil sis is expecting (or as folks back home would refer to “she is in the family way “...hahahaha). My sister does not have a blog … so I have decided that I will post the baby ticker on my blog.

I am so thrilled that I have already figured out what the baby is going to call me. "Tante" That’s German for aunt I have been told!!!

While I am still trying to picture my sister pregnant, I have had no problems slotting my brother in law into the daddy role (he has been practicing with me!!!). This is one journey I am so glad I have ring side seats for!!!

I found out on Friday and since then every time I think about it I tear up, and I can’t stop my heart from skipping an extra beat…. Thrilled doesn’t even start to define what I feel. But I def do know this. I feel blessed. I feel so blessed to be here during this time and I feel blessed that God is giving me someone to love. Most importantly, I am so grateful and thankful to God for giving them the precious baby. I know they will make awesome parents.

I can’t wait to have him/her in my life. Can’t wait to torture the parents with threats of tattoo and piercings and I can’t wait to spoil the lil one rotten.

I am already counting down the days ……. 

January 08, 2009

Kids say the most apt thing –

Recently one of my students from Muscat, was in a play.

He was “King Richard” and during the play, he was supposed to get stabbed. Seeing him being stabbed, the girl standing behind him had to scream “ King Richard has been stabbed”.

Unfortunately, come the day of the final performance, the boy who was supposed to stab “King Richard” forgot to stab him. Despite nods and nudges from the other cast members, the “murderer” didn’t stab.

Finally “King Richard” decided that the show has to go one and fell dramatically to the ground screaming.

 Seeing him collapse to the ground, the girl behind him screamed “King Richard is having a HEART ATTACK “