December 17, 2010

Christmas Word Scramble

Me: Since we are closing for Christmas break today, let’s do a word scramble ok. Remember ALL the words are related to the Christmas Story.

Student: Oh… that’s easy….

Me: Great... Let’s get started!

Me: This (YARM) is the name of Joseph’s wife. Joseph and ………..

Student: Juliet

Me: This (TSRA) is what we put on top of the tree…..Remember it’s scrambled

Student: Rats

Me: This (NAMGRE) is where Jesus was born.

Student: Manager

Me: Christmas story is about this (ESSJU) person’s birth

Student: Jessie

Me: Great... NEXT activity!!

Student: See..Told you it was easy Ms. Thomas. You did not believe me. 


December 14, 2010

Kids Say The Darnest Thing

Conversation between my most favorite Grade 3 student and me

J : So Ms Thomas…  Well you know.. you get me…

Me : I do? 

J: Yeah you know what to do to get to me work.. and that works…

Me: That’s great right

J: Sure .. but I also know what to do to tick you off… I just pretend to be dumb… it works all the time. I wondered why you never picked up on it …

Me : Well silly me then huh… I shall be prepared next time… I will know you are pretending.

J: Well what if there is no next time?

Me: What do you mean?

J: Well what if I never pretend to be dumb anymore and just do all my work?

Me: Well that will be too difficult for me to handle.I think I would get ticked off seeing that…

J: Well in that case …. From now on…. I will do just that….

Me  :Do what?

J : Ms Thomas… you are really really slow… I said from now on … I  will never pretend to be dumb 
anymore and just do all my work.. so that I can tick you off….

Me : Are you sure…

J : Most definitely… 

Me : Okkkkkkkkk then....