May 24, 2011

An Aunt !!

I am going to be an Aunt... AGAIN.... and this time around


I know I haven't blogged in a bit.... I really didn't feel like blogging.. but this... it just had to be told ..don't you agree....

More later....


March 23, 2011

The WOW factor !!


Which of this holds the most WOW factor for you ??

Today a group of 1st graders walked into a classroom. In the classroom , directly opposite each other was an aquarium containing 2 turtles on a table and on the opposite wall was a smart board.

More than half the class went...'oh... is that a smart board !! '

March 17, 2011


Here is PROOF that I am BLESSED with very interesting and wonderful friends ...
and yes..
those that blog hop would have definitely recognized one of them as the very famous and brilliant blogger Scatterbrain

March 11, 2011

My Niece Says The most Adorable Things - 1

My bubbalicious, adorable, beautiful, wonderful niece is 1 1/2 years old. So being the good 'speechie' aunt I took it upon myself to 'guide ' her to speak in sentences :D

So.. when ever she wants something , and I am around I have a routine and I make her repeat after me ... ' Tante (name of item she needs ) please ' and the adorable thing that she is does so using a mixture of words and signs !

A few days ago went to her mom and asked for water through signs. So Kavi, decided to follow the same routine that I do. She said , "Samaya say, Amma please " and Sam promptly replies " Tante please "

February 18, 2011

Friends :)

I blog often about my life , my home , my family and my work. I just realized
that I have never blogged about those I work with.

I love my work even more because I have these amazing
people to work alongside.

As these pictures show we are a serious bunch !

Thank you guys for everything :)

February 17, 2011

A Testimony !

I a very uncomfortable speaking / going up in front of people. I am more of a backstage person. So for a person like me this is the best medium of telling others.

Over the last weekend, at my church here in Chennai, we had a Super-natural conference. During the first night, our pastor called out those with back aches (which I suffer from quite frequently) to come forward for prayer. Remember I said that I am not a big fan of crowds...well I didn't go up then. The reason I gave myself was that at that point in time, my back

was not hurting (which in all honestly it was not!!). That night by the time I got home I could not sit. Even walking was impossible.

The next day, we were put into small groups for prayer. This time I asked for prayer for my back. And so those they prayed. Once the prayer was over, they asked me if I felt better. I didn’t and I assumed that well maybe soon and with more prayer!! (Silly me!!).

Soon after that it was lunch time and following that, I was in charge of KLUB (‘Sunday School’). It was during that time I realized that I had been walking around and lying on the floor / jumping up and down and through it all my back had not ached. Not even once J

I was amazed. I was thrilled!!


This just gets better.

The same evening, our evening session began with worship which lasts for approximately 45 minutes. Once the worship was over I sat down and it suddenly dawned on me…. I had stood the entire time… the entire 45 minutes…. Wohoooo

Why am I ecstatic about it??

Well…. Here is why…

Ever since I came to Chennai and began going to Ashraya ( 3 years ago) , I have not been able to stand through a full worship set as sooner or later m back would hurt and I would be really uncomfortable. So I would have to sit down

This has been happening for 3 years!

So now do you see why I felt what I felt? After 3 years of being uncomfortable with standing, I finally got to do it without any problem !

And the icing on the cake….

The same thing happened on Sunday morning. A full worship set.. standing….

How blessed am I? How wonderful to feel his hand of healing.

You know, from the day I accepted Him, I knew he would work miracles in my life. I knew I was cared for. Sure there were times when it seemed far far away and almost impossible but even then deep down I knew I was taken care of and loved. But when this happened…. This just took my faith to a whole new level. Now I know there is more there. There is so much more that He can do. It’s just sky rocketed my faith.

I write this will full belief and faith that I will be able to stand through all the Sunday worships and much much more without my back causing me any trouble. And should it come again, it will be healed as quick!

Those that read my blog, I pray that you too feel Him work in your life and you too feel His presence and know that you are so much loved and cared for !

February 03, 2011


While I have things I want to write about....
I do not feel like writing ....
So then, the question remain...
To blog or not to blog....